Children Mental health during COVID-19

Children Mental health during COVID-19

Date & time: 7.30pm 21 July 2021
Location: Online
Speakers: Dr Deepa Singhal

COVID-19 pandemic has taken over the world in the last 18 months and despite vaccines, the virus continues to spread and we are continuing to lose human lives. Even though we are getting better at managing it; the virus is mutating to more virulent forms as if mocking the human capacity and intelligence.

People of all ages are now affected; it is no longer a virus which attacks elderly and frail but middle-aged adults and children are also at high risk of infection and death. Apart from the deaths, there are many mental health consequences related to COVID-19, particularly in children, with increased anxiety, existential questioning, future worry, and depressive mood disorder.

In this presentation, I am going to discuss some of these mental health issues effecting the child and adolescent age group (0-18 years) due to COVID-19 and some guidance to help them. 

About the speaker

Dr Singhal is the only dual trained child psychiatrist in Canberra and surrounds. She graduated from medical school in India and moved to UK to complete part of her paediatrics training (MRCPCH, theory) there before moving to Australia. She continued her paediatrics training at Childrens’ Hospital Westmead (CHW), Sydney after which, she moved on to do dual training in child psychiatry and did her adult psychiatry training at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital (RPA), Sydney and Westmead Hospital, Sydney. Afterwards, she continued her child psychiatry training and worked at CHW, Sydney. She went on to complete a graduate diploma in multigenerational family therapy at Academia, Rome.

Dr Singhal's special interest is in neurodevelopmental disorder including pharmacological management of ADHD, ASD, Tourette syndrome and other complex presentations. She also provides care for adult population especially young people transitioning to adulthood and requiring ongoing psychiatric input including ADHD review. 

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