An ANU partnership to advance whole person health in medicine

Members of our Sydney Clinical School

At the unveiling of the ANU Sydney Clinical School, ANU staff from Clinical Education Centre and ANU medical students. L to R: Nancy Parsons, Assoc. Prof. Michael Hughes, Natasha Easson, Prof. Paul Fitzgerald, Brett Goods (AHCL CEO), Prof. Russ Gruen, students Meredith Cheng and Shelley Wang, and Annie Williams.

The Australian National University (ANU) and Adventist HealthCare Limited (AHCL) which operates Sydney Adventist Hospital (the San) and San Day Surgery Hornsby, have signed a Master Relationship Agreement to establish a dynamic new healthcare education partnership in Australia.

The Master Relationship Agreement follows an earlier Memorandum of Understanding to develop joint educational, research and clinical programs.

The first cohort of six ANU medical students took up their rotations at the San in May of 2021. This year, the San has hosted over 50 medical students as it moves towards full capacity.

The formal affiliation of AHCL clinicians with ANU through a range of academic positions and titles is a key part of the partnership – as is the establishment of research projects.

AHCL CEO Brett Goods said that the partnership is designed to ensure the retention and development of a health workforce at AHCL and elsewhere that can provide high-quality clinical care, education and research.

“Our collaboration with ANU is not only about ensuring an adequate number of doctors and medical professionals for the future,” he said. “It’s also about ensuring the advancement of healthcare in Australia through high-quality health and medical research that is translated into both clinical settings and health policy.

“With two long-standing, well-respected organisations like AHCL and ANU coming together, we hope to achieve a competitive edge when it comes to recruiting the best doctors and students, and tapping into funding to support both research and the ongoing acquisition of best-in-class technology for the benefit of patients.”

Professor Russell Gruen, Dean of the ANU College of Health and Medicine, said “This Agreement formalises our commitment to work with AHCL and everyone at The San who have a longstanding reputation for outstanding health care and clinical education. Together, we will push the boundaries of education, research and development of the healthcare workforce and health systems for the future."  

"As the national university, we’re taking bold steps to advance science and service to the nation, including innovative ways of advancing whole persons wellbeing, which is very much in keeping with the SAN’s philosophy.”

The formalisation of the partnership is celebrated with the unveiling of new signage on Fox Valley Road that incorporates the logos and coats of arms of AHCL, ANU and Avondale University– the San’s academic partner for nursing education.

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