Dr Meru Sheel Wins 40 Under 40 Award

Dr Meru Sheel, an infectious disease epidemiologist and population health expert from ANU Research School of Population Health, has won the 40 Under 40: Most Influential Asian-Australian Award in the Science and Medicine category. Dr Sheel is passionate about global health and is determined to make a meaningful impact within the sector.

The Awards celebrate the achievements of the next generation of Asian-Australians and provide a stepping stone to further leadership opportunities.

Dr Sheel received the nomination for her research and work as a mentor of women and young professionals pursuing leadership roles in STEMM careers.

"STEMM is awesome. While systemic issues remain, the career path and leadership journey might seem daunting, especially for women from diverse backgrounds. You have to be determined, find your champion, a mentor, and create your journey".

Dr Sheel understands the importance of professional mentoring relationships and met her mentor, Dr Sue van Leeuwen, at a seminar in Western Australia.

"She works outside of STEMM and is a leadership and management expert. She is incredibly supportive and keeps me accountable. I can rely on her, and she helps refine my thinking on a wide range of topics", said Dr Sheel.

Dr Sheel is honoured to receive the Award and excited about the opportunities that will lead from it. She hopes many more Australians, especially women and Asian-Australians, will feel empowered to pursue meaningful careers in STEMM and go on to receive similar recognition.

She is thankful to the many highly-talented researchers and scientists that have inspired her throughout her career.

Read more about Dr Sheel's research here: https://researchers.anu.edu.au/researchers/sheel-m

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