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Buying time for Australians creeping closer to Alzheimer's 

Australians living with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) could know five years in advance whether they are at high risk of developing Alzheimer's disease.

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Australians living with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) could know five years in advance whether they are at high risk of developing Alzheimer's disease.


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Stephanie Bazley

News | 19 Oct 2020

The talking cure: how contact tracers use 'great conversations' to stop the spread of coronavirus

Sometimes something can be both mundane, and very important.


Analysis and opinion | 13 Oct 2020

Budget funding for Beyond Blue and Headspace is welcome. But it may not help those who need it most

More funding for these organisations is a narrow approach. It favours those who are well-off, literate in English, urban, and have more easily-treated conditions.

Dr Ellie Paige

Academic profile | 28 Sep 2020

Dr Ellie Paige: the life-changing decisions shaping a research career in population health

Dr Ellie Paige was always interested in science. From a young age, she would confidently tell people she would be a biomedical scientist when she grew up.

Older person with pen completing Sudoku

News | 11 Sep 2020

Lifestyle changes could beat Alzheimer's

It may be possible to prevent Alzheimer's disease for those already experiencing cognitive decline, according to new research from The Australian National University (ANU).

Woman with mask

Career story | 1 Sep 2020

What the world needs now: how a master’s degree can make a difference

Equip yourself with the skills and qualifications you need, either to join the frontline battle against this pandemic, or to prevent the next.

Analysis and opinion | 10 Aug 2020

COVID-19 pandemic shows why infant formula donations are dangerous and how breastfeeding protects infants

Breastfeeding is important at all times, but even more so in emergencies.

PhD researcher Ms Daniela Espinoza Oyarce: "We found people who have depression alone have lower brain volumes in many areas of the brain"

News | 5 Aug 2020

Your brain gets bigger if you are anxious and depressed

Depression is linked to areas of the brain shrinking in size - but when depression is paired with anxiety, one area of the brain becomes larger.

Dr Erin Walsh: " To make a useful book, it is important to get the visuals and the story right. This is why we need help from educators and parents, who know these kids best."

News | 30 Jul 2020

Authors needed for bushfire smoke children’s book

Parents, carers and educators of children aged six to 12 years are being asked to help produce a children's story book about bushfire smoke and health. 

Dr Jason Agostino

News | 14 Jul 2020

Improving early detection and management of chronic disease for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

Dr Jason Agostino and his team have been awarded $1.6 million by the Australian Government Department of Health to enhance chronic disease screening and management for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Graph showing displaying flattening the curve for COVID 19

News | 6 Jul 2020

Calls for clear new pandemic modelling rules

Experts are calling for transparent and clear computer modelling of COVID-19, as the world looks for a way to understand and make decisions about the coronavirus pandemic.