Australian Phenomics Facility

Australian Phenomics Facility: cryopreservation

The Australian Phenomics Facility (APF) supports open access large-scale phenotyping of humans and mice to uncover the biological drivers in human disease.

The Australian Phenomics Facility specialises in the development, characterising and archiving of mouse models of human disease. It has an experienced genomics and bioinformatics capability focussed on the identification of single nucleotide polymorphisms and the phenotyping capability to make the biological associations with probable human disease traits. its goals are to firstly derive the underlying genetic mechanisms, and then look to extend this across the population and better understand cohort differences and responses.

The facility was established in 2005 and receives funding from the Australian Government’s NCRIS, Super Science and CRIS programmes through the Australian Phenomics Network and contributions from the Australian National University.

For more information visit the APF website.