Commonwealth Supported Places

There are a number of Commonwealth Supported Places (CSP) for domestic students in postgraduate coursework programs offered by the ANU College of Health and Medicine and the ANU College of Science (CHM / COS).


Postgraduate Commonwealth Supported Places (CSPs) are very limited in number and highly competitive. There is no application process for a CSP as domestic students who have received an offer of admission to a CSP-eligible postgraduate program are automatically considered prior to commencement each semester.

A CSP costs the equivalent of undergraduate fees for eligible graduate coursework programs. Information on Commonwealth Supported fee amounts is available here.


To be considered for a CSP, admissions offer holders must:

  • be a domestic student (i.e. Australian citizen, New Zealand citizen, Australian Permanent Resident or holder of a humanitarian visa);
  • receive and accept an admissions offer to commence in 2022 in one of the Job-ready Graduate Certificate programs or eligible masters programs listed below.

Graduate Certificate Programs

All students commencing in the following programs in 2022 are eligible for CSPs under the Job-ready Graduates Package.

  • Graduate Certificate of General and Applied Linguistics
  • Graduate Certificate of Digital Transformation
  • Graduate Certificate of Climate Policy
  • Graduate Certificate in Environmental Management
  • Graduate Certificate of Science
  • Graduate Certificate of Disaster Risk Science and Sustainability
  • Graduate Certificate in Science Communication
  • Graduate Certificate of Environment
  • Graduate Certificate of Public Health
  • Graduate Certificate of Applied Data Analytics
  • Graduate Certificate in Data Engineering

Academic offer holders to these programs will receive an offer for a CSP by the end of January 2022 and are required to formally accept the CSP offer to have the CSP applied to their programs.

Masters Programs

The following ANU masters programs are eligible for CSPs in 2022.

  • Master of Clinical Psychology 
  • Master of Science Communication Outreach 
  • Master of Professional Psychology 
  • Master of Computing 
  • Master of Engineering 
  • Master of Applied Cybernetics

At this stage, there will be no CSPs offered to masters programs other than those listed above. Please note that receiving an admissions offer to one of the above masters programs does not guarantee a CSP as there are very limited numbers of CSPs available.

CSP is managed by the Coursework Scholarships Office and is based solely on academic merit, which is the GPA of the qualification used to determine a student's admission into one of the above ANU masters programs.

Eligible applicants who have received an admissions offer by 23 January 2022 to commence in Semester 1 2022 for the above masters programs   will be assessed and considered for a CSP. Only applicants who have been successful in securing a CSP will be notified via email.

Applicants receiving an admissions offer for Semester 1 2022 on or after 24 January 2022 may be considered subsequently if the CSP allocation is not exhausted.


Recipients are expected to take up the CSP in the semester for which it was offered. Requests to defer a CSP will not be considered. 

If a recipient withdraws from their program or changes to a different program, the CSP is forfeited.

Further Information

From 1 January 2021, new higher education students will need a Unique Student Identifier (USI) in order to be eligible for a Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP) or Commonwealth financial assistance HECS-HELPFEE-HELP and OS-HELP.

For more information, please visit - Unique Student Identifier