Cecilia Waugh

Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

About Cecilia

I changed my mind about what I wanted to be when I grew up a lot over the years and honestly it still changes. I threw myself into a Bachelor of Medical Science at ANU after year 12, but swiftly changed to a Bachelor of Science to better suit my strengths in Psychology and Physiology subjects. That was a great fit for me, and I developed great skills in interpreting research, data and how to write for any audience as well as a passion for science communication, and better understanding of mental illness. These skills have served me well in my career since as an Adviser in Government. 

Area of study

Bachelor of Science, majoring in Biology and Psychology. 

Epic fail

Turning up to an exam 20 minutes late because I forgot to factor in Barack Obama, then President, visiting the capital!

Proudest moment

The day I was handed my degree; my sister said to me "No matter what, no-one can take that away from you,"

Top tip

Throw yourself into study and don't be afraid to challenge yourself. I studied Chemistry at ANU in first year having not done Maths or Chemistry since year 10, and still passed!