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“We demand change”: Indigenous leader Izayah Davis on his path to becoming a doctor

Health science student Izayah Davis was recently interviewed by Vice-Chancellor Brian Schmidt. Here is an edited version of Izayah’s replies.

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Analysis and opinion | 28 May 2020

Seeing is believing: how media mythbusting can actually make false beliefs stronger

Misinformation about coronavirus can have serious consequences.

Academic profile | 26 May 2020

Isolation salvation

We reached out to our science, health and medicine community to find out what helped them survive isolation.

Dr Arnagretta Hunter.

News | 21 May 2020

Calls to add ‘climate change’ to death certificates

Heat-related deaths have been “substantially underreported” on Australia’s national records.

Mr Ananthan Ambikairajah

Media release | 20 May 2020

Obesity linked to part of the brain damaged by Alzheimer’s

Researchers have found a link between obesity and shrinkage in an area of the brain responsible for memory and learning.

Karlee Johnston

Student profile | 20 May 2020

“Look for opportunity”: advice on doing your PhD during a pandemic

“Just continue to do something, anything, as long as you are moving forward, no matter how slow that movement is.”

A close up of a doctor's hand holding a stethoscope.

News | 14 May 2020

Over half of world’s healthcare workers attend work when sick

It is common for healthcare workers across the globe to attend work when they are sick with flu like symptoms, according to a new international study.

Illustration of woman with a phone.

Analysis and opinion | 14 May 2020

Contact tracing apps are vital tools in the fight against coronavirus. But who decides how they work?

A proposed fix to help the COVIDSafe app work on Apple phones may come with costs to public health and accountability.

Associate Professor Ray Lovett standing in front of a tiled wall.

News | 8 May 2020

Community benefit key in securing funding partnership

Mayi Kuwayu has just received $1.18 million to get results from the study into community and policy.

Two gloved hands adjust a microscope.

News | 5 May 2020

Gene research could lead to cancer breakthrough

New research by scientists at The Australian National University (ANU) will help us better understand rare forms of cancer.

Analysis and opinion | 5 May 2020

Can you get the COVID-19 coronavirus twice?

ANU infectious disease specialist, Dr Sanjaya Senanayake, answers the big question.

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