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Climate change ‘to decimate NT's rural health workforce’

The Northern Territory (NT) could lose up to a third of its doctors as they look to escape the dangerous effects of climate change.

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The Northern Territory (NT) could lose up to a third of its doctors as they look to escape the dangerous effects of climate change.


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Media release | 8 Apr 2021

Young women 'most resistant' group to vaccinate

An ANU study analyses the reasons why people are willing to be vaccinated against COVID-19, and attitudes toward vaccination.  

News | 12 Mar 2021

Tiny med tech that will save lives to be made in Australia

WearOptimo's life-saving Microwearable sensor technology heads into production, with $30 million deal.

Dr Paula Gonzalez Figueroa

News | 11 Mar 2021

New natural answers for killer allergies

Researchers have discovered a function in the immune system that could hold the key to treating allergic conditions like asthma and stop anaphylaxis.

News | 10 Mar 2021

Women who lead: the power and the passion

Why is it that women-led countries have been so successful in their response to COVID-19?

Professor Russell Gruen, Dean ANU College of Health and Medicine and Martin Bowles, National CEO, Calvary Health Care.

News | 10 Mar 2021

ANU and Calvary Health Care - a partnership for health system innovation

ANU and Calvary Health Care have formalised a partnership that extends their joint activities, beyond the ACT to Calvary Health Care nationally.

AIHW and ANU MoU signing

News | 26 Feb 2021

ANU and AIHW to partner on big health data

A partnership that will bring together data and academic expertise to tackle challenges in Australia’s health system.

News | 25 Feb 2021

What do our climate refugees look like?

When the bushfires hit the town of Drake in NSW, Rod Simpson says he became one of Australia's first climate refugees.

New portable technology that visualises clots forming in flowing blood in a 3D holographic livestream

News | 25 Feb 2021

Invention can help prevent deaths caused by blood clots

A world first in measuring a blood clot's "stickiness" and "optically weighing" it to assess a person's disease risk.

News | 18 Feb 2021

Fair Work amendments increase COVID risk

Associate Professor Kamalini Lokuge and colleagues are calling for protection of workers in insecure and vulnerable work to help keep COVID under control.

Communities affected by bushfire smoke

News | 12 Feb 2021

What is the role of universities in a crisis?

Academics are sometimes mocked as working in ivory towers but their actions go well beyond the walls of an institution.

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