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3pm 29 September 2023

Environmental Protection and Reconciliation in the Solomon Islands: A Case Study

Join us at a special seminar featuring acclaimed scientist, explorer and conservationist, Professor Tim Flannery. Professor Flannery's presentation promises to shed light on critical aspects of biodiversity conservation and reconciliation in the Solomon Islands.

Event banner: Mad knowledges and user-led research: a conversation.

5.30–7.30pm 28 September 2023

Mad Knowledges and User-Led Research - A Conversation

Diana Rose and Michelle Banfield will be in discussion about Diana’s book Mad Knowledges and User Led Research (Palgrave, 2022) which combines theory, research and activism around 'madness' and proposes the conditions needed to address the development of Mad epistemologies.

A paper silhouette of a head and two hands untangling red wool on the paper, symbolising the brain

6–7.30pm 21 September 2023

Is a different psychiatry possible?

In this public lecture, distinguished Professors Diana and Nikolas Rose propose new models for psychiatric theory and practice. These models integrate social dimensions into the understanding of mental health, actively involving communities in the treatment process, fostering meaningful engagement with mental health service users, and addressing the complex power dynamics inherent in psychiatric interactions.

4.30–5.45pm 20 September 2023

Master of Professional Psychology

Join us for a live webinar to learn about the Master of Professional Psychology at ANU.

Master of Professional Psychology
People protesting for climate action in Canberra

10–11am 14 September 2023

2023 McMichael Lecture and Award Announcement

Join us as Dr Zoe Leviston, 2022 McMichael Award recipient, presents the forthcoming inaugural McMichael Lecture.

A female doctor showing her female patient something on a tablet

5.30pm 7 September 2023

Lost in Diagnosis: Navigating the Communication Challenge of Misdiagnosis in Women

Lost in Diagnosis brings together patients, doctors, and health communication experts for an immersive and interactive discussion on the challenges women face when seeking diagnosis and the importance of communication in the diagnostic encounter. Combining personal experience with medical insight and health advocacy, our diverse panel will delve into these diagnostic difficulties, including dismissed pelvic pain and undetected heart disease.

Brain Teaser event: Saturday August 19 from 10am

10am–4pm 19 August 2023

Step into a world of wonder at Brain Teaser 2023

In conjunction with National Science Week, Canberra’s own neuroscientists at the ANU Eccles Institute of Neuroscience proudly present Brain Teaser 2023, the ultimate science week event for all things brain-related. Join us on Saturday 19 August in the foyer of the ANU School of Physics for a day filled with brainy excitement.

5.30–7pm 17 August 2023

Valuing health and human life: past, present and future

In this lecture, Professor Emily Lancsar will reflect on different approaches to valuing life and health, outlining a number of implications of the departure of health economics from the economics mainstream in its approach.

5pm 28 June 2023

P4H Series: Part 3 - Social Health Protection for Migrant Workers and Their Families

The third webinar of a four-part series on “Social Health Protection for Migrant Workers and Their Families.”

5.30pm 6 June 2023

Book Launch: Toward an Integrated Science of Wellbeing

In a newly published and first of its kind booked - Toward an Integrated Science of Wellbeing - co-editors and current and former ANU academics Elizabeth Rieger, Robert Costanza, Ida Kubiszewski, and Paul Dugdale have taken a whole system perspective to capture the full spectrum of approaches, interconnections and dimensions to wellbeing.