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Rosemary Clifford

‘I think I might be struggling’: how an eating disorder took over Rosemary’s life

Young Canberra Citizen of the Year, Rosemary Clifford, shares with us her mental health journey.

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Rosemary Clifford

Young Canberra Citizen of the Year, Rosemary Clifford, shares with us her mental health journey.


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Analysis and opinion | 13 Oct 2020

Budget funding for Beyond Blue and Headspace is welcome. But it may not help those who need it most

More funding for these organisations is a narrow approach. It favours those who are well-off, literate in English, urban, and have more easily-treated conditions.


Analysis and opinion | 13 Oct 2020

New tricks? When COVID forces a bridge club online, what becomes of their community?

Third places – where people meet outside of work and home – foster a sense of belonging, particularly for retirees. COVID-19 restrictions shut them down, so can online communities fill the void?

Analysis and opinion | 10 Aug 2020

COVID-19 pandemic shows why infant formula donations are dangerous and how breastfeeding protects infants

Breastfeeding is important at all times, but even more so in emergencies.

Analysis and opinion | 10 Jul 2020

Melbourne's second lockdown will take a toll on mental health. We need to look out for the vulnerable

Australians are already experiencing mental health fallout from COVID-19. A prolonged pandemic, and a second lockdown, might only make things worse.

Analysis and opinion | 6 Jul 2020

4 unusual things we've learned about the coronavirus since the start of the pandemic

As the number of people infected with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus grows, so does our knowledge of how it spreads, how it affects the body, and the range of symptoms it causes.

Analysis and opinion | 6 Jul 2020

Separating mothers with COVID-19 from their newborns does more harm than good

Preventing early skin to skin contact potentially disrupts newborn physiology.

Women with her baby in bed.

Analysis and opinion | 16 Jun 2020

We don't know if breastfeeding is rising or falling in Australia. That's bad for everyone

Despite its importance for women and children, the still there is no funding available to monitor breastfeeding rates in Australia.

Girl using a well

Analysis and opinion | 10 Jun 2020

Scientists around the world are already fighting the next pandemic

The “superbug problem” will not be solved by more prudent antibiotic use alone.

Analysis and opinion | 28 May 2020

Seeing is believing: how media mythbusting can actually make false beliefs stronger

Misinformation about coronavirus can have serious consequences.

Illustration of woman with a phone.

Analysis and opinion | 14 May 2020

Contact tracing apps are vital tools in the fight against coronavirus. But who decides how they work?

A proposed fix to help the COVIDSafe app work on Apple phones may come with costs to public health and accountability.