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Seeing is believing: how media mythbusting can actually make false beliefs stronger

Misinformation about coronavirus can have serious consequences.

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Illustration of woman with a phone.

14 May 2020

Contact tracing apps are vital tools in the fight against coronavirus. But who decides how they work?

A proposed fix to help the COVIDSafe app work on Apple phones may come with costs to public health and accountability.

5 May 2020

Can you get the COVID-19 coronavirus twice?

ANU infectious disease specialist, Dr Sanjaya Senanayake, answers the big question.

Woman coughing into elbow.

23 Apr 2020

Can coronavirus spread 4 metres?

Recent headlines have suggested COVID-19 can spread up to four metres, drawing into question the current advice to maintain 1.5 metres between people to prevent the spread of the virus.

Woman on motorcycle wearing head scarf and mask

23 Apr 2020

Poor and rich Indonesians do not get equal access to COVID-19 tests: this is why it's a problem

Amid the urgent need for mass testing to contain the spread of COVID-19 in Indonesia, poor people in the fourth-most-populous country have a difficult time to get tested for COVID-19. It’s much easier for rich Indonesians to access COVID-19 testings.

Author's daughter holding a rainbow painting through the window of their home.

22 Apr 2020

If this is an existential crisis, then why am I so hopeful?

We’ve entered a new reality. It’s not great, but it has something going for it: we don’t know how this one ends. Yet.

Self care.

31 Mar 2020

Self-care in the time of COVID-19: Creative ways forward

Andrew Staniforth, Clinical Psychologist and Head of ANU Counselling, shares some practical tips for taking care of your mental health during COVID-19.

Empty classroom school closures.

26 Mar 2020

Other countries are shutting schools – why does the Australian government say it’s safe to keep them open?

Why are our schools still open? And why are so many other countries closing their schools?

Woman on phone.

25 Mar 2020

Why are we calling it ‘social distancing’?

While we must be physically distant, it’s crucial we maintain social contact with others during this unprecedented time.

Scientist in the lab.

24 Mar 2020

Why our unis are essential to beating COVID-19

Society is relying on its universities and medical research institutes to develop vaccines, tests and public health measures to combat COVID-19.

Health professional writing

20 Mar 2020

Coronavirus will devastate Aboriginal communities if we don’t act now

We need to ensure the most vulnerable people in our communities aren’t left behind.