Hospital building at night with lights from car driving past.


Our collaborations ensure our research has local, national, and global impact.

Changing lives in Canberra

Students and staff from the ANU College of Health & Medicine deliver the highest standard of professional healthcare services to the Canberra community through the ANU Psychology clinic and partnerships with Canberra Health Services.

Changing lives across Australia

Our medicine students complete clinical placements in rural and Indigenous communities around Australia and conduct research projects with a direct benefit to the communities they’re in.

ANU works closely with many Federal Government departments and agencies to advice on and influence health development policy.

For example, researchers in population health are contributing to the development of more effective, equitable and efficient national health policy through the Australian Primary Health Care Research Institute.

Our psychology researchers have also contributed to programs to promote social inclusion by working closely with the Department of Social Services.

Changing lives around the world

Our epidemiologists often provide assistance to humanitarian crises in developing countries. For example, Dr Kamalini Lukuge worked in Ebola-affected areas in Africa and conducted research on how to better manage future outbreaks.

In the field of mental health, the MoodGYM e-health platform developed by our National Institute for Mental Health Research is now one of the most important online mental health tools in the world, delivering support to over one million people from more than 200 countries.