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Ms Hayley McNamara "Long lasting immunity against malaria is not achieved with current vaccination strategies."

22 Jul 2020

Malaria breakthrough set to change vaccine design

Researchers from The Australian National University have discovered a vital clue as to why malaria vaccines keep failing.

Anatomical model of brain

22 Jun 2020

Understanding your brain in the time of COVID-19

ANU alumni Gaya Karthik and Emily Han share some insights from their podcast series about how our brain is affected by living through this global pandemic.

Woman meditating outdoors

10 Jun 2020

Does meditation change our brain?

Meditation has long been known to calm the mind and increase mindfulness, but what is the science behind this reduction in cognitive decline?

Dr Kamalini Lokuge at the ANU campus.

14 Apr 2020

We know what stopped Ebola - and we know what can stop COVID-19

“The vast majority of our community are doing the right thing and that’s what makes me optimistic.”

20 Feb 2020

The toolbox of a bacterial tradie: researchers find new food-poisoning toxin

ANU scientists have discovered new details about the tools used by bacteria to trigger dangerous food poisoning symptoms.

23 Jan 2020

Fighting fatigue: new research on an invisible symptom of multiple sclerosis

When David was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) 16 years ago, he read everything he could about the neurological condition.

8 Jan 2020

Hot and bothered: heat affects all of us, but older people face the highest health risks

Heat is the natural hazard associated with the highest mortality in Australia. When heatwaves occur, the death toll routinely reaches into the hundreds.

Rice paddies and fields in Losari

17 Dec 2019

Flushing out disease

ANU researchers are making far-reaching changes to sanitation and health in Indonesian communities.

19 Nov 2019

Close now to where it must be

In 1968, blood samples collected from Galiwin'ku in Arnhem Land were sent to ANU for research. They are now being returned to their island home.

Professor Jason Mattingley

4 Nov 2019

Cracking the brain’s code

Professor Jason Mattingley's neuroscience research is mind blowing.