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22 Dec 2021

Researchers find key to drivers of kidney disease

ANU researchers have found a mutation in the gene that can cause the development of kidney disease.

13 Aug 2021

What do I need to know about the Moderna vaccine? And how does it compare with Pfizer?

Australia’s medical regulator has provisionally approved another COVID-19 vaccine, Moderna, for use in Australia. One million doses of Moderna are due in the second half of September and three million doses a month will begin to arrive from October.

2 Dec 2020

Brains and bellies: In menopause, bigger can sometimes mean better

Research shows postmenopausal women have larger brain volumes than premenopausal women. But what does this actually mean?

Associate Professor Ray Lovett standing in front of stone wall.

11 Nov 2020

Making culture count

Associate Professor Ray Lovett is proving the positive power of culture with data.

29 Sep 2020

Researchers find that sugar is the solution for looking at platelets

Researchers at ANU have found a way to look through the walls of microchambers used to study thrombus (blood clot) formation using light sheet microscopy.

James O'Connor sitting at a computer

23 Sep 2020

$50 dye could change the way we design malaria vaccines

“It is a tricky technique to get right, but when it works… it's really stunning science.”

23 Sep 2020

Cancer research improves in three dimensions

“The 3D printing process can be applied to all sorts of cells and tumour types.”

Ms Hayley McNamara "Long lasting immunity against malaria is not achieved with current vaccination strategies."

22 Jul 2020

Malaria breakthrough set to change vaccine design

Researchers from The Australian National University have discovered a vital clue as to why malaria vaccines keep failing.

Anatomical model of brain

22 Jun 2020

Understanding your brain in the time of COVID-19

ANU alumni Gaya Karthik and Emily Han share some insights from their podcast series about how our brain is affected by living through this global pandemic.

Woman meditating outdoors

10 Jun 2020

Does meditation change our brain?

Meditation has long been known to calm the mind and increase mindfulness, but what is the science behind this reduction in cognitive decline?