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Master degrees

Increase your competitive edge with one of our specialised master degrees. Our graduate research degrees also include Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Master of Philosophy (MPhil) and other professional doctorates across a wide range of discipline areas.

Doctor of Medicine and Surgery (MChD)

The Doctor of Medicine and Surgery or Medicinae ac Chirurgiae Doctoranda is a comprehensive and varied program for graduate students looking to enter the rewarding field of medicine as professional medical practitioners.

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Master of Clinical Psychology

The Master of Clinical Psychology is a two-year program listed with the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council. You will study clinical coursework and undertake a clinical field placement and clinical research.

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Culture, Health and Medicine professionals

Master of Culture, Health and Medicine (Advanced option available)

The Master of Culture, Health and Medicine (MCHAM) is the only interdisciplinary program of its kind in Australia, bringing important anthropological perspectives and social science research methodologies to the study of health.

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Master of Neuroscience (Advanced option available)

The Master of Neuroscience is your opportunity to learn more about biology, biotechnology and policy roles in clinical medicine, biomedical science and education.

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Master of Philosophy (MPhil)

During the Master of Philosophy (MPhil) you will work with increased independence, under the direction of a supervisory panel of experts in the field. Your research will make an original and important contribution to human knowledge, research and development.

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Master of Professional Psychology

The Master of Professional Psychology is a two year (full-time) program and offers an alternative pathway to your professional career in psychology, without the need for an honours degree.

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Master of Public Health (Advanced option available)

The Master of Public Health explores globally significant fields including ageing, mental health, health services research, global health, chronic disease epidemiology, environment, climate and health, infectious disease epidemiology and modelling, and society, culture and health.

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Master of Biotechnology (Advanced option available)

The Master of Biotechnology is designed with a broad range of specialist subjects, allowing you to tailor the program to suit your knowledge, interests and skills. Your studies will include topics like Molecular Gene Technology, Advanced Research Techniques and Research Project preparation skills.

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Master of Philosophy in Applied Epidemiology (MAE) (Australia’s Field Epidemiology Training Program)

The MPhil (Applied Epidemiology), colloquially known as the MAE program, is a two year research degree that trains the public health leaders of the future. Through the program, scholars undertake a work placement, a short period of intensive coursework, and completion of a research thesis.

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Master of Science in Biological Sciences (Advanced option available)

The Master of Biological Sciences is your opportunity to develop knowledge and skills in areas such as biomedical sciences, ecology and evolution, genetics, plant sciences and biochemistry. You will be prepared for working in research, policy and management roles.

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Master of Science in Quantitative Biology & Bioinformatics (Advanced option available)

The Master of Science in Quantitative Biology and Bioinformatics is a two program for those with a special interest in worlds of Mathematics, Computer Science, Biology and Statistics and how these disciplines powerfully combine.

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