Bachelor degrees

We offer a vast range of undergraduate programs to spark whatever interest you have in health and medicine.

Bachelor of Biotechnology

The Bachelor of Biotechnology gives you the knowledge to develop the fuel sources, foods and medical treatments of the future, while teaching you to think ethically about how they will change our society.

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Bachelor of Genetics

Explore the complex and fascinating world of genetics and unravel the mysteries of DNA with the ANU Bachelor of Genetics.

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Bachelor of Health Science

The Bachelor of Health Science will equip you with a broad understanding of the themes explored in advanced studies of medicine and offers a potential pathway to the Doctor of Medicine and Surgery at ANU.

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Bachelor of Medical Science

The Bachelor of Medical Science brings the disciplines of genetics, immunology, nutrition, physiology, microbiology, biochemistry and anatomy into a single degree.

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Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours)

In the Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) you’ll get to explore your interests by undertaking research as an undergraduate student, get one-on-one mentoring by leading academics… all while enjoying the camaraderie of a group of like-minded students.

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Bachelor of Psychology (Honours)

The Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) will allow you to explore both the research and applied components of psychology, with the opportunity to specialise in an area of interest when completing Honours in your fourth year.

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Bachelor of Science

Explore the possibilities of science from astronomy to zoology and everything in between with our most flexible science degree. Tailor a program to your unique interests while giving you the broad critical-thinking and problem-solving skills needed for the workforce.

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Bachelor of Science (Psychology)

The Bachelor of Science (Psychology) will provide you with a great base in six different areas of psychology: developmental, social, personality, methods, cognition and biological.

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Bachelor of Science Advanced (Honours)

The Bachelor of Science (Advanced) (Honours) provides the same breadth of opportunities as the Bachelor of Science, with the addition of an honours year designed to extend your understanding and introduce you to concepts that are more advanced than standard course activities.

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Pathways into Honours

The pathway into Honours is different depending on your program. Identify whether you are direct entry below.

Direct entry Honours programs »

Are you currently studying in one of the below direct entry Honours programs at ANU?

  • Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours)
  • Bachelor of Psychology (Honours)
  • Bachelor of Science (Advanced) (Honours)

How to apply for your fourth year Honours specialisation.

All other programs »

Are you currently studying in a science program at ANU that is not listed in the 'Direct entry Honours programs' box, or are you completing your undergraduate degree in a science discipline at a different university?

How to apply for Honours at ANU.

*Did you complete your Bachelor degree within the last two years? If so, you are still eligible to apply for admission.  If not, please contact us for further information.

Pathways to secondary teaching

The Australian National University (ANU) and the University of Canberra (UC) have collaborated to create degree offerings for ANU health and medicine students which offer you a direct pathway to becoming a secondary teacher.