Deanne Allan

Director, Performance Audit
Australian National Audit Office

About Deanne

I graduated from university in 2010. In my final semester I had no idea where I wanted to work or what I wanted to do, but I was lucky enough to get a position in the CSIRO Cotton Biotechnology lab – right across the road from ANU. I stayed there for about 1.5 years and then moved to the Australian National Audit Office in 2012, and I’ve been there ever since.

I’m an Army brat. I grew up all over the East coast of Australia, moving states and schools every year or two. I loved it, and I think it created a bit a change monster in me and my four siblings. When we moved to (and stayed in) Canberra in the late 1990s we kept rearranging the furniture and the bedrooms because we just couldn’t settle. We all love travelling, seek jobs that change, develop and challenge us.

I have stayed in Canberra for a multitude of reasons, including family and friends and the proximity to snow slopes and hiking trails/campsites.

Area of study

Bachelor Arts/Science (Archaeology/Zoology), ANU

Exchange year at the University of Pennsylvania – USA (Archaeology)

Graduate Diploma Forensic Science, UWA

Epic fail

Oh my goodness, so many. I’m such a klutz. Most recently, I broke my finger after a collision with a ski instructor at Thredbo.

Proudest moment

Not tripping as I walked across the stage to get my Bachelor’s degree? To date, maybe my most recent promotion at the ANAO. It can be hard leap to make and, much to my surprise, I was successful on my first try!

Top tip

When looking for your first job, don’t limit yourself to the topics you studied at university. Think of the skills you’ve gained (ie: analysis, critical thinking, research, writing, teamwork) and how these can be applied in the workforce.