Isaac Reilly

Agora Consulting

About Isaac

For many years I was certain I wanted to be a medical doctor, and still think that one day I may make that a reality. But, after launching into Medical Science at ANU straight after leaving year 12 I found it wasn't quite hitting the mark. After taking time off to work and travel overseas I moved to the BA/BSc double at ANU and loved every minute of it. My enrollment strategy was simple; study those subjects that I'm interested in and enjoy. While I never imagined I would be working in management consulting, in retrospect it's actually a good fit and a natural progression from my areas of interest / study. 

Area of study

Bachelor of Science, majoring in Molecular Biology. Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Theatre Studies. However, both degrees are full of an eclectic mix of subjects, from epidemiology and parasitology to archaeology and anthropology.

Epic fail

So many come to mind! Failing my first year statistics class, in very convincing style, comes to mind. And then almost failing it a second time. That was quite a wake up call. Also, managing to break both of my wrists at the same time probably qualifies too.

Proudest moment

Seeing my daughter look after her little brother. Makes me think we must have done something right!

Top tip

Study subjects you love. Your career will naturally follow.