Joe Duggan

Joe Duggan
Science Circus Pacific Coordinator
Australian National Centre for the Public Awareness of Science

About Joe

Joe is a science communicator. He has worked in Australia, Africa and the Pacific training academics, museum staff and NGO representatives in fundamental science communication and worked with these partners to co-develop culturally relevant science communication approaches.

He has worked with Australia’s National Science and Technology Centre and the Australian National Centre for the Public Awareness of Science training and developing the next cohort of Australian science communicators and in more recent time has worked with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to explore how these organisations may better work with indigenous groups.

He began his academic career as a marine scientist at the social-ecological interface researching a small commercial fishery working with leaseholders, policy makers and researchers to understand and inform management practices.

Joe is also the creator and co-ordinator of ‘Is This How You Feel?’ A project designed to engage the general public with the human side of climate change that has engaged hundreds of thousands of people in its five year history.

Area of study

I spent a lot of my time not really sure what I wanted to do. From about 18-27 I just studied or worked in the areas that interested me. Started with Zoology, then Marine Science and then Science Communication. I had multiple breaks and adventures and they helped me to fully understand what I wanted to focus on and why.

Epic fail

I once had a worm live in my foot for 6 months. I named him Kevin.

Proudest moment

Any time one of my peers or trainees has a success, if I have helped or supported them on their journey.

Top tip

Burnout is real. Look after yourself. Aim high and work hard, but your health and happiness is the most important thing in the long run.