Two artworks about endometriosis

Communicating Endometriosis through Art: Artists Respond

Communicating Endometriosis through Art: Artists Respond

Two artworks about endometriosis
Date & time: 6pm 11 September – 5.30pm 30 October 2023
Location: ANU Research School of Social Sciences (RSSS) 146 Ellery Crescent Acton, ACT 2601 - View in map
Cost: $0 per person

There is growing clinical and public awareness of the impact the common condition of endometriosis can have on the lives of sufferers. Women have long faced significant challenges in communicating the experience and reality of the condition to scientists, therapists and clinicians as well as within their everyday networks.

This exhibition explores communicating endometriosis through different forms of expression and response, including visual arts, music, dance, language and lab science. In this dialogue, we learn more about our bodies, emotions, embodied experiences, and their various understandable signs, fingerprints, or developed artistic expression.

Curated by Susanne Ilschner (ANU School of Medicine and Psychology) and organised in collaboration with John Pratt (ANU School of Art & Design), Christine Phillips (ANU School of Medicine and Psychology) and Fiona Jenkins (ANU Gender Institute and ANU School of Philosophy)

This exhibition has been funded by the ANU Gender Institute, with ArtsACT, the Embassy of France in Canberra, the German Embassy Canberra, and the ANU School of Medicine and Psychology. We are also grateful for the participation of the ANU School of Music.


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