Barbara Corapi


Riccardo Natoli with some of his mentees: From back row, left to right: Sarah Farzadi, Natoli, Rakshanya Sekar, Adrian Cioanca, Nicholas Bariesheff.

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Generosity of spirit and time make this mentor shine

What makes Associate Professor Riccardo Natoli special?

Charlotte and Jeanette Ryan

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Mother-daughter duo fulfilling long-held career dreams

Duo on a mission: Meet Jeanette and Charlotte Ryan, a mother-daughter team navigating their career paths at the ANU School of Medicine and Psychology.

Psilocybin mushrooms

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Group approach may increase accessibility to psychedelic therapy

In a bid to increase accessibility, a new study by the Australian National University (ANU) School of Medicine and Psychology will look into the viability of the application of psychedelics in a group setting.

Child holding sign that says 'there's no planet B'

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Climate Crises and the Impacts on our Future Generations

While the adverse impacts of climate crises on vulnerable groups such as the elderly and those with pre-existing medical conditions are clearer, the climate related impacts on maternal and child health are well less understood.

Leaky gut

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Developing a universal test for leaky gut

Research shows that impaired gut function is linked to almost every disease including mental health disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease, anxiety and depression.


The world's best evidence-based loneliness intervention

Humans are social beings. Being part of a social group provides us with important psychological resources to support our health – giving us a sense of belonging, purpose, self-esteem and support.

boy watching on as parents appear to argue


Continual disaster stress creates perfect storm for first time domestic violence offences

The cumulative effects of ongoing disasters in Australia is leading to first time domestic violence offences, experts advise, and it is children who are among the worst affected.

A ripple in water


The ripple effect of a global interdisciplinary peer-support program

An international collaboration of health care professionals established in the pandemic is creating ripples as it inspires new ideas and global expansion.

Photo of young people


Insights from young people are key to designing engaging mental health services

ANU Researchers are involving young people with a lived experience of mental ill-health in an effort to ensure more meaningful engagement with mental health services.

Dr Brett Scholz


Award-winning researcher puts consumer leadership in the spotlight

Decisions about health care services, policies and systems have traditionally been the domain of medical professionals, allied health workers, researchers and policy makers. But there is one voice consistently missing from these discussions. The consumer - the people who engage with health services.