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Researchers find that sugar is the solution for looking at platelets

Researchers at ANU have found a way to look through the walls of microchambers used to study thrombus (blood clot) formation using light sheet microscopy.

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Cancer research improves in three dimensions

“The 3D printing process can be applied to all sorts of cells and tumour types.”

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$50 dye could change the way we design malaria vaccines

“It is a tricky technique to get right, but when it works… it's really stunning science.”


Understanding the way genes are controlled in congenital diseases

Experts from John Curtin School of Medical Research have published research that increases understanding of how ZIC proteins might cause congenital diseases.

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Further evidence for understanding the recipes of life

A new research project has further illuminated a fundamental process of life - the creation of proteins based on recipes called RNA.

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International recognition for platelet research

Professor Elizabeth Gardiner has received an esteemed career award for her significant contributions in the thrombosis and haemostasis field.