Associate Professor Kamalini Lokug


Humanitarian, Doctor, Researcher, & “Pandemic Whisperer"

Associate Professor Kamalini Lokuge honoured as ANU Alumna of the Year

Professor Lyndall Strazdins

Analysis and opinion

Why men need to work like a woman

The yardsticks we use to measure gender equality in the workplace — women working the high-flying jobs traditionally held by men and equal pay for equal work — are sizing-up a broken system.

Photo of woman with data coding across image


ANU partnering with TenWise to develop improved systematic review technology

ANU Associate Professor has partnered with TenWise, a company that has developed machine learning and text-mining methodologies.

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Planting seeds for better mental health with new podcast series

Can you learn to manage stress and uncertainty? Absolutely – according to Bruce Christensen, Associate Dean for Culture and Wellbeing.


Women who lead: the power and the passion

Why is it that women-led countries have been so successful in their response to COVID-19?

Communities affected by bushfire smoke


What is the role of universities in a crisis?

Academics are sometimes mocked as working in ivory towers but their actions go well beyond the walls of an institution.