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AIHW and ANU MoU signing

ANU and AIHW to partner on big health data

A partnership that will bring together data and academic expertise to tackle challenges in Australia’s health system.

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AIHW and ANU MoU signing

A partnership that will bring together data and academic expertise to tackle challenges in Australia’s health system.


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Person sitting in dark with hands over their face.

News | 10 Dec 2020

Family violence research helps in closing the gap

A new report has found drivers that mitigate experiences of violence for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Analysis and opinion | 9 Dec 2020

The rise of commercial milk formulas and why it matters for the world’s women and children

Breastfeeding can play an especially important role in early-life nutrition. It can benefit children’s future school performance and economic prospects in later life, as well as the mother’s health.

Analysis and opinion | 4 Dec 2020

‘Nine months and no progress’: what went wrong in Indonesia’s COVID-19 responses and what can be done

The number of daily cases keeps breaking records despite the government’s efforts to contain the spread of the virus, from introducing social distancing campaigns to enforcing partial lockdown policies in several cities.

Research story | 2 Dec 2020

Brains and bellies: In menopause, bigger can sometimes mean better

Research shows postmenopausal women have larger brain volumes than premenopausal women. But what does this actually mean?

Emily Banks at her desk

News | 1 Dec 2020

Cancer shifts to chronic disease, so living well matters

"We found that, on average, all cancer survivors in the community were 30 per cent more likely to be living with significant physical disability."


Analysis and opinion | 1 Dec 2020

What can you expect if you get a call from a COVID contact tracer?

It can be confronting – but it's important to answer the contact tracer's questions as best you can.

Analysis and opinion | 26 Nov 2020

Data from 45 countries show containing COVID vs saving the economy is a false dichotomy

The notion of a trade-off between health measures and the economy is not supported by data from 45 countries.

Associate Professor Ray Lovett standing in front of stone wall.

Research story | 11 Nov 2020

Making culture count

Associate Professor Ray Lovett is proving the positive power of culture with data.

Dr Anna Olsen in front of graffiti wall.

News | 23 Oct 2020

Young scientists blooming with Tall Poppy Award

Four academics, Dr Tristan Reekie, Dr Larissa Schneider, Dr Aparna Lal and Dr Anna Olsen, have been recognised with prestigious ACT Young Tall Poppy Science Awards.

Stephanie Bazley

News | 19 Oct 2020

The talking cure: how contact tracers use 'great conversations' to stop the spread of coronavirus

Sometimes something can be both mundane, and very important.

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