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Man on laptop in evening

Boosting mental health online

ANU Researcher, Professor Philip Batterham talks about the benefits of online intervention for mental health.

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Man on laptop in evening

ANU Researcher, Professor Philip Batterham talks about the benefits of online intervention for mental health.


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ANU Professor of Indigenous Genomics, Dr Alex Brown, and ANU Chancellor, the Hon Julie Bishop. Photo credit: Telethon Kids Institute

Media release | 14 Oct 2021

Indigenous genomics boost for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health in a new strategic partnership

Internationally-acclaimed Aboriginal researcher and clinician Dr Alex Brown will take up a new appointment as Professor of Indigenous Genomics as part of a new strategic partnership between Perth’s Telethon Kids Institute and ANU.

person at a desk doing mindfulness exercise

News | 12 Oct 2021

Mind Seeds helping communities to flourish

The Mind Seeds program is flourishing with a series of animated videos to help people think flexibly, and to practice self-compassion and mindfulness.

Nicolas Cherbuin

News | 8 Oct 2021

Optimal blood pressure helps our brains age slower

People with elevated blood pressure that falls within the normal recommended range are at risk of accelerated brain ageing, according to new research from The Australian National University (ANU).

Associate Professor Kamalini Lokug

News | 27 Sep 2021

Humanitarian, Doctor, Researcher, & “Pandemic Whisperer"

Associate Professor Kamalini Lokuge honoured as ANU Alumna of the Year

Media release | 23 Sep 2021

More than half of First Nations Australian adults at risk of severe illness from COVID if unvaccinated

A majority (59 per cent) of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander adults are at an elevated risk of developing severe illness from COVID-19 due to ongoing health inequities.

Man on surfboard

Media release | 23 Sep 2021

New life-saving technique for shark attack victims

A simple new first-aid technique could help avoid fatalities from shark attacks, according to a new study by The Australian National University (ANU). 

image of teddy bear wearing face mask

News | 17 Sep 2021

Policy Forum Pod: Growing up in the shadow of the pandemic

Child psychiatrist Karen Gaunson and child protection scholar Tim Moore join us to discuss the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on children, both now and into the future.

News | 14 Sep 2021

ANU heroes to vaccinate and fight against disease

Researchers from The Australian National University (ANU) conquering viruses, cancer and malaria have been backed in the latest round of National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) funding. 

Media release | 14 Sep 2021

New mental health treatment withstands lockdown isolation

Experts say a new treatment option for young people with depression and loneliness is showing promising benefits, especially during COVID-19 lockdowns.

red and green apple

News | 13 Sep 2021

Apple test tells us if we’re sweet or sour

A new international study that asks participants to choose apples has helped researchers figure out which nations are the kindest.