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26 Oct 2016

Tony Ayers Prize awarded to Professor Robyn Lucas

Professor Robyn Lucas has been awarded the 2016 John James Foundation Tony Ayers Prize for Excellence in Translational Medicine.

24 Sep 2016

Prejudice: My brain made me do it?

An experiment using artificial intelligence has allowed social psychologists to uncover the all-too-human side of a racist robot.

19 Mar 2016

Child's play changing lives

It's hard to imagine that anyone could have difficulty reading the emotions behind these dolls' faces.

19 Mar 2016

The doctor you won't forget

When patients meet Professor Mitchell, it's “probably at one of the worst times in their lives.”

13 Nov 2015

Hearing the voiceless

For most people, working as a doctor in humanitarian crises would be enough. But Dr Kamalini Lokuge wanted to do more.

4 Jul 2014

Awakening the social identity

For Professor Michael Platow, teaching is a craft that entails cycles of evaluation, innovation and enhancement.

13 Feb 2014

Singing the praises of an unsung hero

Dr Beverley Sibthorpe

9 Apr 2013

Design and discovery

A cutting edge immunologist with a passion for the creativity of medical research

31 May 2012

Big endeavour’s

Doctor of Philosophy