The School of Medicine and Psychology

Our life experiences are defined by the capabilities and potential of our mind and body. Appreciating their interdependence and inter-relationship is essential to understanding and improving human health.

At the School of Medicine and Psychology, we are dissolving boundaries and enabling new health solutions through interdisciplinary research, education and practice.

Our integrated perspectives, knowledge and techniques, are preparing doctors, psychologists and health care leaders of the future who will work in partnership with their patients and colleagues to provide optimal care for individuals while strengthening the health system and society they work in.

Our partnerships with discovery and population researchers, government, diverse organisations and communities are enabling courageous research that challenges assumptions, transcends boundaries, informs healthcare and transforms human lives.

The School of Medicine and Psychology formed in 2023. While the website is under development, we invite you to read more about our medicine and psychology programs.

Field sites & facilities

Explore some of the numerous of research sites and facilities established by our research schools in Australia and across the world. Researchers and students at ANU enjoy access to state-of-the-art equipment to help facilitate ground-breaking research.

Research projects

Browse research topics of the College of Science and the College of Health & Medicine with links to relevant researchers.

See our list of potential student projects to apply for PhB, Honours, PhD and other graduate degrees.


Taylor Glover in a park in Goulburn.

Impact story (giving)

‘It's allowed me to stay in medicine': the scholarship helping Indigenous students at ANU

The Jessica King Scholarship is helping keep Indigenous students at university.

Riccardo Natoli with some of his mentees: From back row, left to right: Sarah Farzadi, Natoli, Rakshanya Sekar, Adrian Cioanca, Nicholas Bariesheff.

Research story

Generosity of spirit and time make this mentor shine

What makes Associate Professor Riccardo Natoli special?

Charlotte and Jeanette Ryan

News, Student profile

Mother-daughter duo fulfilling long-held career dreams

Duo on a mission: Meet Jeanette and Charlotte Ryan, a mother-daughter team navigating their career paths at the ANU School of Medicine and Psychology.

ANU Swift Society President Mikayla Simpson.


You need to calm down: How to make lasting memories at a Taylor Swift concert

The idea that you will remember everything you experience is simply not the case. Here's how you can make strong memories from your favourite concerts.

Alysia Robertson, pictured sitting on a wall with a green garden behind her, has won an award for her research on group therapy leadership.

Research story

How group therapy can help reduce social anxiety

People are keen to go to therapy but it can be really difficult to get them in the door. Alysia Robertson wants to make it easier.

Research story

Can you spot the AI impostors? We found AI faces can look more real than actual humans

Does ChatGPT ever give you the eerie sense you’re interacting with another human being? Artificial intelligence (AI) has reached an astounding level of realism, to the point that some tools can even fool people into thinking they are interacting with another human.

Doctor alone and looking into the distance

Analysis and opinion

Doctors are being sexually harassed at work. This needs to stop.

Dominique Lee was training in radiation oncology when she was invited to join her supervisor to discuss a training opportunity. Instead, she was drugged and sexually assaulted. A set of sexual safety standards, that can apply to all medical workplaces and add to the legislative requirements we are already required to meet, are in development.

Child holding sign that says 'there's no planet B'

News, Research story

Climate Crises and the Impacts on our Future Generations

While the adverse impacts of climate crises on vulnerable groups such as the elderly and those with pre-existing medical conditions are clearer, the climate related impacts on maternal and child health are well less understood.

Leaky gut

News, Research story

Developing a universal test for leaky gut

Research shows that impaired gut function is linked to almost every disease including mental health disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease, anxiety and depression.

Student blog

10 top tips for undergraduate science researchers

Research projects! Where do you start? Read up for some handy hints from someone who's already been there, done that.