Rapid evidence reviews

As a College, we are developing rapid, evidence-based reviews and summaries to support policy and practice responses to COVID-19, locally, nationally and internationally.

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12 October 2020

Review of meta-analyses: risk factors associated with severe COVID-19 outcomes

26 May 2020

Training modules for health care workers in Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services


26 May 2020

Guidance for healthcare teams to support COVID-19 prevention and management for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples


17 April 2020

Atypical “ARDS” and ventilation-perfusion mismatch in COVID-19

 PDF, 1.66MB

14 April 2020

Optimising, prolonging and preserving personal protective equipment in COVID-19

 PDF, 628KB

10 April 2020

Use of chest CT for diagnosis of SARS-CoV-2 infection in preoperative patients

 PDF, 818KB

6 April 2020

Evidence for awake prone positioning in patients with COVID-19

 PDF, 232KB

6 April 2020

Risk factors for severe disease and poor prognosis in COVID-19 patients

 PDF, 742KB

4 April 2020

Evidence for pre-symptomatic and asymptomatic transmission of SARS-CoV-2

 PDF, 229KB

3 April 2020

Outcomes and characteristics of people with COVID-19

 PDF, 186KB

30 March 2020

CHS COVID19 Staff Management Ideas

 PDF, 108KB

30 March 2020

Health care worker isolation and management summary for COVID-19

 PDF, 321KB

26 March 2020

CHS COVID19 Patient Flow Ideas

 PDF, 84KB

25 March 2020

Patient flow and cohorting in COVID-19 patients


23 March 2020 Data on influenza and COVID-19 in ACT, Australia  PDF, 1384KB
17 March 2020 Hospitalisation and mortality among COVID-19 positive patients in China and Italy  PDF, 387KB
17 March 2020 Proportion of asymptomatic COVID-19 cases  PDF, 170KB
17 March 2020 Social distancing, containment, and hygiene control measures implemented by the National University of Singapore in response to COVID-19  PDF, 351KB
15 March 2020 Guidelines for caring for elderly and at-risk patients in hospitals - resources  PDF, 140KB
14 March 2020 Impacts of COVID-19 on health care workers  PDF, 247KB
13 March 2020 COVID-19 responses among countries with high transmission  PDF, 345KB


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