The John Curtin School of Medical Research

The ANU John Curtin School of Medical Research is Australia’s national medical research institute. We excel in multidisciplinary, translational medical research in fields including immunology, cancer, genomics, neuroscience, mental health, infectious diseases, obesity and metabolic disorders.

Our research aims to understand and provide novel insights into diseases including cancer, diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis, and conditions such as epilepsy and vision impairment, amongst others. Research at JCSMR is organised within four departments including the ACRF Department of Cancer Biology and Therapeutics, Eccles Institute of Neuroscience, Genome Sciences and Immunology and Infectious Disease departments.

Each department is comprised of independent groups and laboratories. As an integral part of the ANU College of Health and Medicine, we are committed to cross-disciplinary research that will provide solutions to health problems which beset our community. In addition, we continue to pride ourselves on our commitment to the training and mentoring of the young medical researchers of the future.

In 2015, the School’s Professor Carola Vinuesa was elected Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science, and Professors Simon Foote and Chris Parish became Fellows of the newly established Australian Academy of Health and Medical Sciences.

Three of our researchers have received Nobel Prizes in Physiology or Medicine for work conducted in the School.

Field sites & facilities

Explore some of the numerous of research sites and facilities established by our research schools in Australia and across the world. Researchers and students at ANU enjoy access to state-of-the-art equipment to help facilitate ground-breaking research.

Research projects

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New program to help doctors treat obesity

The Change Program, developed by the ANU Medical School for doctors, will allow patients to work with their local GP on long-term lifestyle changes.


The blood test that could save sight

A new blood test is being developed that can detect patients at risk of dry age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and potentially save millions of people


Finding a cure for malaria

A collaboration between ANU and Humboldt University is taking a multidisciplinary approach to solving the malaria problem.


The food poisoning find that ‘could save lives’

Researchers from JCSMR have made a discovery that has the potential to save lives when treating bacterial infections.


Fighting the malaria scourge

"40% of the world's population is living under the threat of contracting malaria"

Academic profile

Our Lord of the rings

Dr Brookhouse, loves to peer back through time by examining the growth rings from trees. Yes, he’s a dendrochronologist. And he’s made an amazing discovery..

Research story

One small baby: one giant leap for genetic screening

One baby’s tragic death led to a $20-million trial to prevent similar cases.

Student profile

One degree, endless opportunities

Five students. Same degree. Different interests and career paths. Where could the Bachelor of Science take you?


ANU researchers find new disease

Researchers at The Australian National University (ANU) have discovered a new genetic disease and a method for detecting more unexplained medical conditions.

Impact story (giving)

Cricket Scholarship recipient puts his best foot forward

Lewis Evans is the 2018 recipient of the ANU Cricket Club Scholarship and is currently in his first year of studying for a Bachelor of Medical Science.