Student stories

Studying health and medicine at ANU is an experience of a lifetime. Find out why directly from our students.

Soumiga Gopalakrishnan (BHealthSc ’21)

Student blog

From Seeking Asylum to Studying Medicine

"Nine years ago, my family and I fled war in Sri Lanka. We travelled to Australia by boat and spent months living in detention centres before settling in Brisbane, where I finished my high-school education with dreams of attending university."

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Former refugee a step closer to dream of being a doctor

When Soumi Gopalakrishnan was five years old, she had open heart surgery in Sri Lanka and met the doctor who changed her life. 

Career story

Meet Change Leader, Ms Alisha Chand

From working at an NGO to a career as a Change Leader, the MCHAM has positioned Ms Alisha Chand for success.

Yingxi Cimo Chen

Student blog

The humanitarian researcher

In May 2021, Yingxi Cimo Chen worked as a medical volunteer helping migrant children detained in camps at El Paso, Texas on the US-Mexico border. Her humanitarian efforts made her realise the harsh reality of the situation.

Amber Condell standing near some trees

Student profile

The science of genetics is written into Amber’s story

Where most people might learn about the science of genetics from a textbook, for Amber, it’s never been separable from her lived experience of it.

Woman with mask

Career story

What the world needs now: how a master’s degree can make a difference

Equip yourself with the skills and qualifications you need, either to join the frontline battle against this pandemic, or to prevent the next.

Lucy Kirk

Student profile

Meet Lucy Kirk: student by day, COVID-19 researcher by night

Medical student Lucy has been writing rapid evidence reviews to inform policy and practise responses to COVID-19.

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Bachelor of Health Science student Bryher McKeown is standing up for youth climate justice

COVID-19 has forced us to change overnight. So why aren't responding to the climate crisis in the same way?

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“We demand change”: Indigenous leader Izayah Davis on his path to becoming a doctor

Health science student Izayah Davis was recently interviewed by Vice-Chancellor Brian Schmidt. Here is an edited version of Izayah’s replies.

Karlee Johnston

Student profile

“Look for opportunity”: advice on doing your PhD during a pandemic

“Just continue to do something, anything, as long as you are moving forward, no matter how slow that movement is.”