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As the national university, we support communities to flourish through transformational research and education. Our research in psychological science helps advance the understanding of human motivation, experience and behaviour, and how these insights can be applied to improve people's lives.

These resources have been developed by the Culture and Wellbeing Team, led by Associate Dean and Clinical Psychologist, Bruce Christensen. They provide evidence-based approaches and offer practical tips and exercises to support wellbeing and mental health. 

Our university supports student success. Here you will find a number of initiatives, programs and resources that will support your physical, social, spiritual and mental health to help you to maintain a healthy lifestyle during your studies. Explore further information on helping our students to stay safe and secure on campus.


Woman with hands crossed over chest, a sign of self-compassion


Mind Seeds Podcast: Episode 4 - Self compassion and how we treat ourselves matters

Uncover ways to be self-compassionate and compassionate towards others.

Foggy path ahead


Mind Seeds Podcast: Episode 5 - Managing the challenges of uncertainty

Explore ways to manage the challenges of uncertainty.


Mind Seeds Podcast: Episode 6 - How connecting with our values can help in times of change

Values and meaning can help us cope with change and uncertainty.

neighbour offering a bowl of tomatoes to another fresh from garden


Mind Seeds Podcast: Episode 7 - Building social cohesion in our communities

An important part of coping with stress and well-being concerns our connections to others.




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